True Minimalism

There's a lot of misconceptions floating around about what minimalism is and what it means to be a minimalist. Because I describe myself as a minimalist, I tend to receive plenty of questions such as

"Does that mean you have almost no belongings?"


"If you're a minimalist, why do you have a nice microphone and desktop computer?"


"Do you never get to enjoy new things or good food?"

All of these questions can be answered once we understand the true meaning of minimalism. Let's answer them together!

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is the practice of contentment. Minimalism is "officially" defined in the dictionary as using the fewest tools possible to achieve a goal, but as a lifestyle, it really just means cherishing the things you have.

Living a minimalist lifestyle does not mean minimizing the quantity of stuff you have; rather, it means maximizing the value of the stuff you do have.

It's true that your quantity of things will likely decrease as a result of minimalism in practice, but it is not the defining tenet of minimalism.

In Practice

I try to live a minimalist lifestyle. When it comes to clothing, I buy very little. I still wear some of the same clothes I've worn since I was in high school, and I love them. I rarely buy electronics and have owned most of my devices for over four years. I take good care of every piece of technology I own. I don't buy a lot of extra things. I make sure to cherish every purchase.

I encourage you to sit down and stop for a second. Think about all the things you have. Cherish them. By caring for all the things you have, they become more valuable to you. By increasing the value of your things, you take better care of them. As a result, you tend to buy less, and your quantity of things decreases as the value of each thing increases.

Why I Endorse Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that continually reaps rewards. Because I live a minimalist lifestyle, I save a lot of money every year by not purchasing as many extra things. I save a lot of time by not worrying about the newer technologies or staying fashionable or following pop culture. It also gives me a greater appreciation for every moment. Every meal is delightful. Every app I use is a marvel. Every device I use is terribly convenient. Minimalism will make you value life more and all the wonderful things you take for granted. It additionally makes every new purchase exciting.

I endorse minimalism because it always provides a greater return on investment for the effort you put into it. Happiness and peace of mind is something you can't buy.