Dropping Gemini Support

Fri Sep 23 2022

I will be dropping Gemini support for my website on October 1st.

For those unaware, I have been hosting a Gemini server in tandem with this website for over a year because I stand with the core principles of Gemini and love its simplicity amidst an overstimulated contemporary internet.

I even wrote about it.

It may seem very sudden that I would willingly drop support for a protocol I admire. However, I've recently found its format very restrictive. As much as I love content simplicity and conciseness, I am a web engineer by trade and do not want to be limited to a subset of web tools on my website. I have felt very restricted in recent months, worrying more about how content will be formatted on my website rather than what content will be on my website, taking a bit of fun out of writing. I have even considered maintaining two separate blogs for both Gemini and HTTP but I find that notion very unfavorable because HTTP would be given clear priority regardless.

I want to get back into doing what I enjoy: writing and providing commentary on topics I care about.

Because of this, I will be dropping my support for my Gemini server beginning in October. If you only view this content via Gemini, you can follow my main site with the link below.


Fortunately, this will be a fantastic opportunity for me. I have already begun devising what I plan to do with my less restrictive content format. I already plan on migrating my webserver over to NixOS after various Tweag posts convinced me of its usefulness. Who knows, I might start experimenting with Web Assembly or HTML5 canvas projects here in the future.

Stay tuned!