Dear Teapot

Tue Sep 20 2022

A few days ago the famous rideshare (and food delivery) company Uber was hacked by a teenager hiding under the alias "Teapot".

A few days later, the same hacker managed to hack game company Rockstar and released alleged development source code (and development gameplay footage) of their unannounced game, GTA VI. Teapot managed to hack both of these organizations by spamming push authentication notifications until an employee gave in and authorized the hacker's device. I would share more details but I would likely get DMCA'd and thrown in prison.

GTA VI leak forum

While I could write about how disappointed I am in Uber and Rockstar's security policy (which is evidently naught all), this will instead be directly addressed to Teapot. I hope they read this.

Dear Teapot,

First of all, I commend you for your technical knowledge. You have undoubtedly taught Uber and Rockstar very important lessons in security through infiltration.

However, I must implore that you do not sell Uber secrets or GTA VI sources. Some of the employees at these companies will undoubtedly be let go as a result of these actions. Many may get demoted or experience pay cuts. This is a large pool of unforeseen consequences as the result of your actions. Your leak of GTA VI production has massively increased the hype for the successor of the second best selling game of all time (as of September 20, 2022). All the same, this leak may delay production or cancel it entirely. When projects are cancelled, all actors, engineers, producers, and managers involved in the production lose. Lives are ruined and time is wasted. What could have been may never come to fruition. As a fan of the previous game in the series, I want to see GTA VI succeed. I want it to be the best selling game of all time. But leaked sources and development builds can potentially ruin any hopes of GTA VI ever existing.

I even wrote about my thoughts on GTA V

Instead of hacking for fun or hacking with harmful intent, you can instead hack for good. Provide contract work for companies or programs that reward bug bounties. You can also hack others to make evident their vulnerability similar to TheHackerGiraffe.


You are at a turning point. You have the power to not sell those sources and personal information you may have in your posession from these companies. Before you make rash decisions or decide to ruin other people's careers with that power, I implore that you use your skills and abilities to help others. Do the right thing. I want to live in a society where we build each other up.