The Island

I feel like I'm stranded on an island
Pushed onto the sands by the waves
Forced to climb the trees
The waves rising to my neck
I'm struggling to find solid ground
And then adrift in a sea of emotions
Tossing, turning, drifting, hurting
My friends are smiling at me from around
I can't bring myself to smile back
I should be enjoying this day on the beach
But the sun is so dark and the sky is so black
I'm walking on sand imagining how life would be
If things were different and I was good enough
My feet leaving behind footprints in time
And being washed away by the waves
A thousand years pass and I'm still here
Sitting on the sand and looking for rescue
Sand slowly sifting through my hands
One day a ship will come looking
To find me and save me
From this island, isolation and waves
They'll run onto the beach
To find a cracked stone figure
Staring at the seas, awaiting his home.